IELTS Speaking là phần thi mà nhiều người cảm thấy thích thú vì sẽ được nói chuyện trực tiếp với giám khảo, thể hiện trình độ tiếng Anh của bản thân. Mỗi thí sinh muốn đạt được 9.0 speaking luôn cần phải biết áp dụng những Idiom vào phần thi sao cho hiệu quả và đúng ngữ cảnh nhất. Do đó, ở bài viết này mình muốn mang đến cho các 13 Idioms hữu ích và thông dụng nhất trong phần IELTS speaking.

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13 Idioms thông dụng trong IELTS speaking bạn cần biết

  1. Idiom: Forty Winks

Definition: A nap, short sleep


  • I need forty winks before I start to study for the IELTS test again.
  • She just had time to put her feet up and catch fortywinksbefore dinner.
  1. Idiom: Under The Weather

Definition:  Slightly unwell.


“It’s hard to study well when you are under the weather.”

“Whenever I am under the weather, the one thing I would like to do is relaxing in a big comfy chair with a blanket.”

  1. Idiom: Cut From The Same Cloth

Definition: To be very similar


  • My sister and I are cut from the same cloth and even sound alike on the telephone.
  • There are thousands of men out there in my country with the same thoughts that all women are cut from the same cloth. How ridiculous they are!
  1. Idiom: Safe And Sound

Def inition: Not harmed at all.


” It was a harsh journey, but I got there safe and sound.”

“After two days of searching for them, the victims were found safe and sound.”

“I’m safe and sound when I’m with him. He’s the one that I could share everything with.”

  1. Idiom: As Fit As A Fiddle

De finition: In very good physical condition.


” If you want to apply for this position, you have to be as fit as a fiddle.”

” Doing exercises daily could help us to be as fit as a fiddle.”

” Because of playing some sports she is becoming more and more as fit as a fiddle.”

  1. Idiom: Put Your Feet Up

Definition: To sit down and relax, especially with your feet raised and supported.


“Because my work takes almost all the  time during day, I just want to put my feet up when I get home.”

“After the exam, she makes the most of her evening by creating a cozy atmosphere for herself and just put her feet up.”

“Honestly, reading book is the simple way for my to put my feet up.”

  1. Idiom: Get Your Head Around

De inition: To be able to understand or accept something.


” Finally, I can get my head around his decision to moving.”

“It is difficult for children to get their head around the adult problems.”

“She can’t get her head around what is going on here and Jack has to explain everything to her.”

  1. Idiom: Running On Fumes

Definition: To stay awake although you are extremely tired.


“I have to be running on fumes to complete my report for my tutor.”

“With the huge amount of homework given by teacher, students, nowadays, are running on fumes, which could jeopardise their physical as well as emotional conditions.”

“She spent almost a week on the picnic, so she had to be running on fumes at the weekend to finish her homework.”

  1. Idiom: Put Body And Soul Into

Definition: Devote all your physical and mental to something.


“I put body and soul into this project which is the whole future of my company.”

“To gain the good prospects of promotion, he puts body and soul into his work.”

“Jack is an industrious person; whenever he does something he puts body and soul into it.”

  1. Idiom – Put One’s Cards On The Table

Definition: Be open and honest about your feelings and intentions


  • I thought it was time I laid my cards on the table, so I told her that I had no intention of being her lover.
  • I think we should lay our cards on the table and speak very candidly about this matter.
  1. Idiom – Cut Class

Definition: To skip a school class | not go to school without excuse


If she cuts class more than 4 times, she‘ll fail the course.

My friend decided to cut class for 4 days to go to France with her parent.

  1. Idiom – Eat The Humble Pie

Definition:  To accept you were wrong in humiliating circumstances.


“The producers of the advert had to eat humble pie and apologise for misrepresenting thefacts.”

“The football team have to eat humble pie after losing the match with a terrible score.”

“Don’t be arrogant. I hope you would eat humble pie after you realise you were wrong.”

  1. Idiom – Bone Of Contention

Definition:  The main point of an argument.


” Nowadays, the increase in white-collar crime has become a bone of contention between politicians.”  

” This kind of music is always a bone of contention between Jone and his son.”

” The way of reducing heavy traffic congestion is still a bone of contention.”

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