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  1. toabide by

Meaning; (formal) to accept and act according to a law, an agreement, etc.

Exampe: Motorists who do not abide by the rules of the road should be severely punished.

  1. parliamentary democracy

Meaning: a system of government in which candidates are voted to represent the people of a country in a national parliament or assembly

Example: Freedom of speech is usually one of the rights enjoyed by citizens in a parliamentary democracy.

  1. to adhere to

Meaning: to behave according to a particular law, rule, set of instructions,

Example: Governments which fail to adhere to their election promises generally become unpopular very quickly.

  1. constitutional government

Meaning: connected with the laws which a country is governed by

Example:The media have an important role to play in reporting on the actions of politicians, to ensure the proper functioning of constitutional government.

  1. the executive branch

Meaning: that part of the government organisation responsible for implementing laws and decisions

Example: The enforcement of policies affecting schools and hospitals is the responsibility of theexecutive branch of the government.

  1. the legislative branch

Meaning: that part of the government responsible for making laws

Example: Laws relating to human rights have been passed by the legislative branch of many national governments.

  1. the separation of powers

Meaning: the principle that separates government authority into three branches – legislative (the Parliament or Senate), executive (the President or

Ministers) and the judiciary (the judges and courts).

Example: In the USA, the independence of the courts from the government is safeguarded by the separation of powers.

  1. to adopt policies

Meaning: to start to use particular policies

Example: In order to deal with traffic congestion, the government must adopt policies to restrict the use of private cars.

  1. to impose spending cuts

Meaning: to introduce new rules to spend less money on something

Example: It is essential for the authorities to impose spending cuts on space programs in order to fund health services.

  1. to raise taxes on

Meaning: to increase the amount of tax on something

Example: Governments should raise taxes on cigarettes to persuade more people to give up smoking.

  1. to curb public spending on

Meaning: to restrict what the government spends on something

Example: I would argue that it is preferable to curb public spending on building new roads rather than to impose spending cuts on education.

  1. to allocate resources to

Meaning: to make money and materials available to do something

Example: If governments allocate more resources to improving public transport, this will reduce the problem of traffic congestion in cities.

  1. to introduce restrictions on

Meaning: to limit what people can do or what can happen

Example: The government must introduce restrictions on smoking in public places.

  1. to infringe on/upon something

Meaning: to limit somebody’s legal rights

Example: Governments must sometimes infringe upon individual freedoms in the wider interests of society.

  1. to be a government priority

Meaning: something which is so important that the government should deal with it first.

Example: In developing countries, spending on health and education should be top government priorities.