Tiếp tục với bài học những Collocations tiếng Anh cho chủ đề môi trường - governments một chủ đề mà bất bạn nào ôn thi IELTS cũng nên có kiến thức bởi bạn sẽ rất dễ gặp phải những câu hỏi trong bài thi IELTS hỏi về môi trường. Những collocations chia sẻ dưới đây các bạn nhất định phải học nhé! Ngoài ra, bạn có thể xem lại phần 1 tại Đây 

  1. to prioritize expenditure on

Meaning: to put the need to spend money on certain things first

Example: I believe that it is important to prioritize expenditure on medical research in order to save lives.

  1. to provide funding for

Meaning: to give money to enable something to be done

Example: Providing funding for health care must be a priority of governments.

  1. high on the agenda

Meaning: something which is among the first things in the list of actions to be taken

Example: The rehabilitation of prisoners must be high on the agenda of prison authorities everywhere.

  1. to exert pressure on

Meaning: to use power to influence somebody or something

Example: Environmental organisations should exert pressure on governments to invest in renewable energy projects.

  1. to form a pressure group

Meaning: to organize a group of people who try to influence the government to achieve the action that they want.

Example: Activists in my country have formed a pressure group to persuade the government to close nuclear power stations.

  1. to provide public subsidies for

Meaning: to give government money to reduce the costs of services or to produce goods in order to keep the price low

Example: In order to promote agriculture that is environmentally-friendly, the government should provide public subsidies for organic farmers.

  1. international bodies

Meaning: organizations which operate in many countries

Example: National governments ought to give funds to international bodies, like the Red Cross and the United Nations, to deal with emergency situations.

  1. national and local authorities

Meaning: government organizations acting at a national level or within a smaller, local area

Example: Tackling crime is a responsibility of both national and local authorities.

  1. non-governmental organizations: NGOs

Meaning: a charity or association that is independent of government or business

Example: Individuals could donate money to NGOs to help others in need of food, shelter and medical services.

  1. to campaign for something

Meaning: to take part in a series of activities in order to achieve a specific aim.

Example: People who are concerned about the environment should campaign for stricter controls on pollution.

  1. government decision-making

Meaning: the process of deciding about something official

Example: Pressure groups are sometimes able to influence government decision-making.

  1. to impose an official ban on

Meaning: to say or declare that something is not allowed

Example: Governments ought toimpose an official ban on the use of mobile phones on public transport.

  1. government sponsorship

Meaning: the act of providing financial support by the government

Example: Government sponsorshipof the arts is necessary if creative talent is to be encouraged.

  1. a welfare state

Meaning: a taxation system which allows governments to provide for the economic and social well-being of its citizens

Example: In order to eradicate poverty, I believe that a welfare state should be established in all developing countries.

  1. a stopgap measure

Meaning: a policy or action adopted for a short time until some more permanent solution is found

Example: Building more prisons will not solve the problem of rising crime rates, but it is a stopgap measure which the government must take to protect ordinary citizens.

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