Một Số Collocation Về Chủ Đề Crime – IELTS Writing_Task 2 (Phần 2)


Trong phần này, hãy tiếp tục tìm hiểu một số Collocation về chủ đề Crime được sử dung trong bài IELTS Writing task 2 nhé!

Allay the fears: to make someone feel less afraid, worried.

Nghĩa: làm dịu nỗi sợ hãi

=> I believe that some solutions could help to allay people’s fears.

Turn to a career of crime: become a criminal

Nghĩa: bắt đầu phạm tội

=> Nowadays, in the harshly competitive labour market, the unemployment rate is rising rapidly, more and more people cannot meet the basic human’s need that is maybe a reason for them to turn to a career of crime.

To be imprisoned: Go to a jail.

=> Being imprisoned is the best way to punish offenders for their guilty.

To breed future offenders: influence people, especially young people, in such a way that they later commit a crime.

Nghĩa: Nuôi dướng mầm mống tội phạm

=> Parents should give more attention to their offspring in order to avoid breeding future offenders.

Easy money: Money that you get without working hard for it, especially when you do illegal activities to get this money

Nghĩa: số tiền kiếm được dễ dàng mà không phải lao động cật lực/ đồng tiền bất lương

=> To make easy money, the bank robbery have stolen two billion dollars from five international banks in this year.

To break the law: do something illegal

Nghĩa: Phạm luật

=> If a person breaks the law, he is certainly imprisoned.

To resort to crime: to use crime because there is no other solution.

=> After losing all money from the game, the men resorted to crime to get easy money.

Illegal activities: the illegal acts.

=> It is alarming that more and more youngsters turn into illegal activities.

Fall foul of the law: to get into trouble with the police because you are doing something illegal

=> In Vietnam, if the company discharges the huge amount of untreated waste into rivers, they certainly fall foul of the law.

Juvenile delinquency: Antisocial behaviour committed by people under eighteen years old.

Nghĩa: tình trạng vị thành niên phạm tội

=> It is true that juvenile delinquency rate is increasing alarmingly, which could jeopardise the social stability.

Soaring crime rates: crime rates rising very fast

Nghĩa: tỷ lệ tội phạm tăng cao

=> We are facing off soaring crime rates and it’s high time the criminals were brought to justice.

Miscarriages of justice: Situation where innocent people are found guilty

Nghĩa: Một vụ án xử sai

=> There have been a multitude of miscarriages of justice recently.

Trumped-up charges: invented and false accusations

Nghĩa: Lời buộc tội vô căn cứ

Hy vọng qua bài viết này, có thể hỗ trợ các bạn trong bài thi Writing task 2

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