P2- Giới từ chinh phục 7.0+ IELTS writing

P2- Giới từ chinh phục 7.0+ IELTS writing

Tiếp tục với bài viết giới từ hữu ích chinh phục 7.0+ IELTS. Hôm nay chúng ta sẽ học tiếp phần 2. Các bạn xem lại phần 1 Tại đây nhé!

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When you consider something

Example: Given his age (Considering how old he is), he is remarkably active.


Having something as part of a group or set

Example: Six people were killed in the riot, including a policeman.


Without being affected by something; despite something

Example: Notwithstanding some financial problems, the club has had a successful year.


  1. Used with verbs to express movement on or to a particular place or position
    Example: She stepped down from the train onto the platform.
  2. Used to show that something faces in a particular direction
    Example: The window looked out onto the terrace.


  1. On the other side of a particular area from somebody/something, and usually facing them

Example: The bank is opposite the supermarket.

  1. Acting in a film or plays as the partner of somebody

Example: She starred opposite Tom Hanks.


  1. Later than something

Example: It was past midnight when we got home.

  1. On or to the other side of somebody/something
    Example: He hurried past them without stopping.
  2. Above or further than a particular point or stage
    Example: Unemployment is now past the 3 million mark.


Used to express the cost or amount of something for each

Example: This country has a higher crime rate per 100,000 of the population than most other European countries.


As something, in the role of something

Example:  The soldier acted qua soldier, not as a human being.


Concerning/about somebody/something

Example: She has said nothing regarding your request.

Respecting/With respect to


Example:  information respecting the child’s whereabouts

Sans (writing)


Example: There were no potatoes so we had fish and chips sans the chips.

Save/Save for

Except something

Example: They knew nothing about her save her name.


  1. In or into every part of something

Example: They export their products to markets throughout the world.

  1. During the whole period of time of something

Example:  The museum is open daily throughout the year.


  1. In the direction of somebody/something

Example:  They were heading towards the German border.

  1. Getting closer to achieve something

Example:  This is a first step towards political union.

  1. Close or closer to a point in time

Example: towards the end of April

  1. In relation to somebody/something

Example:  He was tender and warm towards her.

  1. With the aim of obtaining something, or helping somebody to obtain something

Example: The money will go towards a new school.


  1. Under or below something else, especially when it is hidden or covered by the thing on top

Example: The coin rolled underneath the piano.

  1. Used to talk about somebody’s real feelings or character, as opposed to the way they seem to be

Example:  Underneath her cool exterior she was really very frightened.


Formal use of “on”

Example: The decision was based upon two considerations.


Used to compare two different things

Example:  It was the promise of better job opportunities versus the inconvenience of moving away and leaving her friends.


  1. Through a place

Example:  We flew home via Dubai.

  1. By means of a particular person, system…

Example: The news programme came to us via satellite


  1. Before a particular period of time has passed; during a particular period of time
    Example: Two elections were held within the space of a year.
  2. Not further than a particular distance from something
    Example:  a house within a mile of the station
  3. Inside the range or limits of something
    Example: The question is not within the scope of this talk.
  4. Inside somebody/something
    Example: There is discontent within the farming industry.

Trên đây là những giới từ được sử dụng một cách phổ biến trong bài IELTS writing, các bạn hãy áp dụng cho bài viết của mình để rèn luyện sử dụng thành thạo nhé!




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