Bài viết này mình sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn thêm 30 từ vựng tiếng Anh cho chủ đề CRIME AND PUNISHMENT ( Tội phạm và hình phạt) một chủ đề rất dễ xảy ra trong đề thi IELTS. Vì vậy các bạn không thể bỏ qua được nhé!

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Với mỗi từ vựng đều có nghĩa và ví dụ thực tế giúp các bạn hiểu được cách sử dụng của từ cũng như  cụm từ đó. Bây giờ chúng ta sẽ vào bài học nhé!

  1. crime of passion

Meaning: refers to a crime, especially murder, caused by sexual jealousy

Example: People who carry out crimes of passion often regret their actions later, when they reflect on what they have done.

  1. to serve a prison sentence

Meaning: to carry out confinement in prison as a punishment

Example: They are serving long prison sentences for their part in the assassination.

  1. to turn to crime/ drugs

Meaning: To start committing crimes or using drugs.

Example: During periods of high youth unemployment, some youngsters turn to crime to obtain money.

  1. to be tough on crime

Meaning: To punish crime severely

Example: The crime rate is likely to fall if governments take strong measures to be tough on crime.

  1. to contest the verdict

Meaning: not agree with the decision of the jury after the trial of a case

Example: In many countries, the accused person has the right to contest theverdict which was reached in the court.

  1. to take into consideration

Meaning: to think about a particular fact or detail and allow it to have some influence when you are making a decision

Example: The previous criminal records of those who are found guilty must be taken into consideration when a sentence is passed.

  1. to reintegrate back into society/ community

Meaning: to restore someone through education or therapy

Example: There is an increasing focus among policy-makers and practitioners on identifying programs and strategies that will help prisoners successfully reintegrate back into their communities without re- offending.

  1. to be soft on crime

Meaning: not to impose strictpunishments on offenders

Example: In order to deter criminals effectively, governments must not follow policies which are soft on crime.

  1. a policy of zero tolerance

Meaning: a policy of applying laws very strictly, so that every illegal action is punished, even if it is not very serious

Example: I would argue that the most effective way to reduce crime is to implement a policy of zero tolerance.

  1. a chance of rehabilitation

Meaning: a chance of helping someone to have a normal life after serving a prison sentence

Example: We should give ex-offerders a chance of rehabilitation and teach them how to become useful members of society.

11.to embark on something

Meaning: To start something new

Example: Young people sometimes embark on a life of crime as a result of the bad influence of criminals whom they know.

12.to make a fresh start

Meaning: to try something new after making mistakes in one’s life

Example: I believe that people should have the opportunity to make a fresh start after they are released from prison.

13.to act as a deterrent

Meaning: a measure which makes somebody less likely to do something

Example: Longer prison sentences would act as a deterrentand would be

one useful measure to tackle rising crime.

14.to release back into society.

Meaning: to give freedom to prisonerswho have finished their sentences.

Example: He was released back into societyafter serving two years of a five-year sentence.

  1. corporal punishment

Meaning: to punish by physically harming the offender

Example: Many schools have abandoned the policy of corporal

punishment for children who misbehave and prefer to give extra work or detention after school instead.