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16. drug trafficking

Meaning: importingand selling illegal drugs

Example: Some people argue that legalising drugs would put an end to the evil of drug trafficking and the violence associated with it.

  1. a non-custodial sentence

Meaning: a sentence which is not served in prison

Example: There is a wide range of non custodial sentences which a court

may give to offenders, including: fines, probation orders or community service orders.

18.to be found guilty

Meaning: the court decided that the person did commit the crime

Example: If people are found guilty of committing serious offences, heavy punishments should be imposed.

19.the full weight of the law

Meaning: all the strictest punishments available according to the laws of a country.

Example: In order to deter crime, the full weight of the law must be imposed for all serious offences.

20.to impose a ban on sth

Meaning: to enforce an official rule which says that something is not allowed

Example: Most governments have imposed a ban on the sale of tobacco to

those aged under 16.

21.to convict a criminal

Meaning: to find an offender guilty and to punish them

Example: Once the courts have convicted a criminal, the punishment should be severe.

22.law-abiding citizens

Meaning: people who obey and respect the law

Example: The government could take some effective steps to protect law- abiding citizens.

23.to enforce the law

Meaning: to make sure that the law is obeyed

Example: The role of the police and the courts is to enforce the law.

  1. capital punishment

Meaning: punishment by death

Example: In some states of America, those who commit murder are sometimes sentenced to capital punishment.

25. forensic evidence

Meaning: connected with the scientific tests conducted by the police when investigating a crime

Example: Modern police methods include the use of forensic evidence, such as DNA samples, to investigate crimes.

26. to instal surveillance cameras

Meaning: to put cameras in a place where a crime is likely to be committed

Example: The security company has installed surveillance cameras at all the entrances and exits of the shopping mall.

  1. to put on probation

Meaning: to make a convicted person see an official at regular intervals to check on their good behavior, as an alternative to going to prison

Example: The young offender was put on probation, as his crime was not serious enough to send him to prison.

28. to punish wrongdoers

Meaning: to punish people who do something illegal

Example: Stricter measures must be introduced by governments to punish wrongdoers.

  1. to arrest suspects

Meaning: to stop and hold people who the police think may have committed a crime

Example: The government should give the police greater powers to arrest suspects.

  1. the letter of the law

Meaning: the exact wording of the law, without considering any excuses

Example: I believe that the courts must apply the strict letter of the law and impose the harshest possible sentences on criminals.

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